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Smoked Salmon on Tepary Beans

At some point I think I burnt out on salmon. I've always liked it but I find myself avoiding it these days and opting for other fish. Then Greg, who works for Napa Valley Support Services, brought me in some salmon he caught, smoked and cured and I remembered why it's such a great treat. P1000166-1 Greg used our piloncillo instead of traditional brown sugar to cure the fish. It's incredible, to say the least. I flaked some on a bowl of tepary beans and added just a little ricotta cheese and this was one great bowl of beans. Any bean would work but I like the meatiness of the teparies. P1000170 We work as often as we can with Napa Valley Support Services. Their worker face different challenges and have been a huge boon to Rancho Gordo. They help with bagging our wholesale beans, rolling our calendars and even shred paper documents that become our packaging for our mail order. We love them and they've made us a stronger company. Don't hesitate to call if you are interested in their services.

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