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Snowcap Beans

Snowcap-beans Finally, after several attempts, we have a good crop of the rather famous Snowcap bean. Not a lot, but enough to save some seed and offer the extra here. They're one of the prettiest beans of all, I must say! Snowcap-beans-cu They look like cranberry beans dipped in white chocolate! They're big and bold and when cooked, taste not unlike potatoes, but the texture is silky smooth. Odd and unusual! Snowcap-beans-cooked Snowcaps at the Rancho Gordo site. All of the pots are from BRAM Cookware in Sonoma, by the by.

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Celeste Gallen

Will there be more of these in the future? I just ate some chowder I had made and frozen with them and forgot how amazing they are. Perhaps my favorite bean ever!

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