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Taking Vanilla Ice Cream to the "Next Level"

As I typed "next level" I cringed a little. It's a phrase that's turning into a cliche, isn't it? Oh well, I'm not above anything so I think I'll use it here. IMG_0068 What are you looking at is some premium vanilla ice cream and a Milano cookie (chosen by my son Nico. I think would have done the Bordeaux cookies instead.) The twist is I followed the lead of the pastry chef at Meadwood Resort here in Napa Valley and made a sauce of about 1 part piloncillo and 2 parts plantain vinegar. It sounds weird but think of balsamic vinegar on strawberries. It's odd but it works. Of course, our piloncillo is made using no sulpher and comes in a more than handy granular form. We distribute the plantain vinegar from Veracruz and it's become a kitchen staple for a lot of you. I think adding dessert to the list makes it essential.

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