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The Best Street Tacos in Puebla


I've mentioned this before, but my Poblano pal Fernando could write a book about the best street food in Puebla without much effort. He and his wife Nuria like to bicker over the best place for tacos or mamelas or whatever.

Discussions about tacos are quick and to the point. One simply goes to the guy with the basket. These aren't tacos al canasta, which are made at once and the flavors steam together. Our guy just happens to use a big basket to make your taco to order.


The taco I had was chicken Milanesa, potatoes, jalapeños and deep fried De Arbol chiles. It was a lovely (and lively) breakfast.

The fried chiles sound like they'd be a little rough but they were a revelation! Nutty and salty and I just went crazy for them. You find most Mexicans won't believe it when a gringo likes hot food and the vendor pleaded with me to go easy but I'm far too macho for that!


The expecting Nuria matched me chile for chile. It was a fine breakfast in Puebla!

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