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For orders or assistance: 1-800-599-8323

Visiting the Mixteca Salt Mines in Zapotitlan Salinas


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ranchogordo-9690 Last week I was in Zapotitlan Salinas in Puebla with our Xoxoc partners. We stopped to see the salt flats again and as you can see, it's really a strange, beautiful and wonderful place. ranchogordo-9715 ranchogordo-9710 ranchogordo-9697 ranchogordo-9688 Land salt has been harvested here since long before the conquest. The salt cooks beans faster than normal and it's great with vegetables as it keeps them green. A little is great. Too much and you have pudding. ranchogordo-5334 Rancho Gordo Mixteca salt is available online, in our stores and from better retailers nationwide.

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