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Welcome Home


I just got back from a really fine time in the state of Guanajuato. The trip involved changing planes in LAX. Can I say this is one of the most unpleasant places in California? It's huge and people are always yelling at you: "Go this way!" "You can't go that way!" "No carts allowed!" "No fluids over 3 ounces!" "Number 16 is free!"

Do you remember when the act of traveling was actually fun?

As I left the airport in Leon for LAX, I had a not bad taco made with actual food. I had a four hour layover in LAX and the food was abysmal. The closest thing that looked OK was something called La Salsa. But their tacos were made with flour tortillas (even Taco Bell knows to use corn. Fake corn, but it's corn.) If only I'd seen the "salsa bar" before I'd ordered.


(The "fresh Salsa bar" at La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill at the Los Angeles Airport. I saw this mess, ate my "tacos" and then returned 30 minutes later. The situation was the same. )

Two "tacos", stale chips and a lemonade. $13.52.
Welcome home!

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