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When It's Too Damned Hot to Cook Beans (I Have No Sympathy For You!)

I hear it all at this time of year. "It's too hot to cook!" "The last thing I want to do during my vacation is stand over and hot stove and fuss over beans!" "I promise, I'll cook them again when it's bean weather." I feel your pain but I have no actual sympathy. Some think of beans as just as cold weather treat but is a better pal for all the goods coming off the grill? What's more refreshing than a bean salad, providing a cool creamy counterpart to the all the crunch? No, bean belong in your kitchen all year long! One of the best techniques is the slow cooker. It doesn't require that you heat up the kitchen by using the stove and it takes maybe four minutes of prep time and then you're done. Now you can make a salad, have a side dish for your grill or just indulge in a simple bowl of legume love. Here's my technique: So if you have a few extra pounds in your pantry, or if the Rancho Gordo Bean Club is delivering a little too well, go out and embrace summer, accompanied by your heirloom beans. They won't let you down!

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