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You Posole, I say Pozole

For the record, in Mexico, the finished dish is called pozole. It's normally a fresh chile and tomatillo dish with pork or a dried red chile and chicken dish. I know there are exceptions. Lots of them. In the American Southwest, we call the dried nixtamalized corn posole, along with the finished dish. Posole In Mexico, the corn (often called "para pozole") is cooked with cal (the mineral lime) and then soaked for an hour before rubbing the skins and then pinching off the germ. Our version is done up until this step. All you need to do is soak and simmer. The germ is still there but the corn explodes anyway. I think it's the smart way to go. I avoid the canned at all costs. It's gummy and rubbery and just kind of funky in general.

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