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A Reunion with Tepary Beans: This Is Why We Do What We Do

This is from Bianca in our San Francisco store. It's pretty cool:
I had a wonderful experience that I thought I would share. A mother and son came in to the store and were very excited about the Teparies. They were conversing back and forth in Spanish and were very animated. Finally the son asked me if the Teparies were called something else. Not knowing, we looked in the RG Bean Growers guide. The gentleman shared with me that he and his mother were reminded of a bean that they had from their home area of Mexico- in the North. They were very excited to find them.
Rancho Gordo Brown Tepary beans with smoked trout and ricotta cheese Rancho Gordo Brown Tepary beans with smoked trout and ricotta cheese
I asked the mother how she prepares them and she told me of an old family recipe that is passed from generation to generation in their family. It is a sweet Tamale made with Brown Tepary or escomite. It is made in a corn husk with Masa de Maiz and a Sweet Bean Mash made from the Escomite. She uses Piloncilo, Canela, Raisins, Anise and Spices. Then they are steamed. The son was very reminiscent of his childhood. Needless to say they bought Brown Teparies and were excited to go home together and cook the Tamales. I just thought it sounded like such a wonderful recipe. Unfortunately, we were very busy at the time so I did not have a chance to get her exact recipe. However, after doing some research I was able to find a good basic version. Hope you all enjoy it.
Sweet Bean Tamales.

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