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Black Calypso Beans are Back

I'm happy to announce the return of Black Calypso beans to Rancho Gordo. We haven't had them in well over a year, maybe longer, and it's a shame we ran out because it's one of the most unusual beans we grow. Blackcalypso Also known as Orca, or Yin and Yang, this bean keeps it's markings when cooked and has a subtle potato flavor. My favorite preparation is to take a piece of bacon, cook and then remove. Saute some onion and garlic in the remaining bacon fat and then add it to the soaked beans. Cook the beans and then right before serving, crumble the bacon on top, maybe with some chopped, fresh sage. I'll be in Mexico this weekend but Joan will be at the farmers market with these and all the usual suspects. Of course you can order them online, as well. In other bean news: We are not in the "danger zone" yet with Good Mother Stallards but we won't finish the season. They've just been too popular. We are out of Marrows. And don't forget the garbanzo beans.

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