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Changing a Picky Eater


On the Road

Poor Robby is constantly accused of being a picky eater. In fairness, there was a rough spot when it seemed like pizza and carbs were the only things that would pass his lips but like all things with kids, it changed.

When we traveled together in Mexico, he was very brave. From pigs ears to sour cactus, he was pretty much willing to give anything a go.

When we visited Maria in Hidalgo, there were fabulous homemade tortillas, home grown beans (Maria grows our Reboseros) and barbecued goat. I could sense the slight panic about the goat but I just looked at him encouragingly. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it but I think he sensed he should take one for the team. We were guests and Maria had made sure there was cola, thinking an American boy would like it, even though she prefered water.


Mexican barbecue is a pretty easy thing to love and it just took one tickled bite for him to realize his anxieties were for nothing.


I can't wait to take another trip with him!

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