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Experiments with Garbanzos, Spinach and Smoked Paprika


There was about a cup of garbanzos and a cup of their broth sitting in the refrigerator. I was starving. Well, quite hungry. I added some frozen spinach, olive oil and a teaspoon of our new Smoked Spanish Pimenton Paprika. Once heated through, a drizzle of my best olive oil and a scant squeeze of lemon. Holy cow.

There was a moment when I thought to add some rendered pancetta for body and substance but I didn't feel like dirtying another pan. Hush! I'm confessing. I will say there was no need to worry. The pimenton adds a little smokiness and good olive oil makes most everything substantial. There is a temptation to add even more pimenton but a teaspoon is perfect. I am not the biggest spinach fan so I only had frozen on hand. I don't dislike it but I prefer it when other people make things with it. I plopped some of the frozen spinach into the simmering garbanzos and waited while they made friends. I reached for the parmesan but thought, so far so good, let's make this vegan. The lemon was the kicker.

I absolutely loved this.

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