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Good Mother Stallards and Wild Mushrooms

I'm lucky enough to have a few friends who forage for wild mushrooms. They tell me this has been an incredible year for chantrelles and they seem to be right! I think the secret with mushrooms is that you need to cook them very high or very low. I took these and fried them on high with garlic and olive oil. Then I dusted them with our own Mexican oregano. Wild-mushrooms-rancho-gordo Then I reheated some of the new crop of Good Mother Stallard beans. They used to be a favorite but I've been so busy and I've made due without them for so long (we ran out of them right after the book came out and then we had crop failure), it was like meeting an old friend again. Gosh, but they're good! The texture is silky and the bean broth is famous for its deliciousness. I used the same skillet I used for the mushrooms in case there was a smoodge of goodness left over. Heating-beans Tossing them together, I crumbled a very little queso fresco and sat down to a bowl of perfect happiness, improved only by a few drops of good olive oil and an afternoon with not much to do. Beans-nushrooms-ranchogordo To be honest, I think almost any bean would be good in a similar setting, especially the big bold ones like Christmas Limas and all of the runner beans.

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