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Cooked dish of pasta, Randho Gordo cicerchia beans, and mushrooms.

Pasta with Cicerchia and Mushrooms

In the Rancho Gordo library, we have a well-used copy of the book Fagioli: The Bean Cuisine of Italy (Rodale, 2014) by Judith Barrett. It includes a handful of recipes...

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Rancho Gordo White Corn Posole

How to Cook Prepared Hominy

Hominy is nixtimalized corn that has been treated with cal to release the vitamin niacin, making the grain healthier and easier to digest. Here’s how to cook hominy, also called...

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Rancho Gordo cooked beans in a salad

Building a Better Bean Salad

Here are a few of Steve's salad tips: I have found that washing my lettuce, spinning it and then rolling it in clean tea towels keeps the greens fresher, longer....

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Rancho Gordo cooked Garbanzo with pineapple vinegar

Garbanzo, Tomato and Feta Salad

From Julia at Rancho Gordo: I’ve developed a real love for summer-ripe Early Girl tomatoes. To me, they are the perfect salad tomato: meaty, sweet, and juicy, but not so...

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Rancho Gordo cooked wild rice with corn, radishes, cactus, and tomatoes

Buckeye Bean and Wild Rice Salad

This is a flexible salad recipe featuring some of our favorite summer ingredients. Adjust the ingredient amounts based on your preferences and how many people you are serving.  Ingredients: Cooked...

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