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Roasted Leek and White Bean Soup


Friend of The Bean and Rancho Gordo pal, Arnab Chaladar, helps us out with Indian-inspired bean dishes (and good whisky recommendations on his My Annoying Opinions blog), but here he goes for something simple and classic, perfect for soup season. 


2 cups cooked flageolet beans (beans cooked simply with a lot of water and a couple of small parmesan rinds and drained; bean broth reserved)
6 cups bean broth (from cooking the beans) or vegetable stock
The white (and light green) portions from four plump leeks cut into chunks. 4-5 chunks per leek. Reserve the greens proper for another use.
8-10 cloves garlic
1 tblspn fish sauce
1 tspn lime juice (optional)
Olive oil

While the beans are cooking, place the leek portions in a small oven-proof dish with the garlic nestled inside/between them. Drizzle generously with olive oil, add salt and pepper and roast uncovered in a 400º oven till softened and lightly caramelized.
Puree the roasted leeks and garlic and keep aside.
Add the drained flageolets and 6 cups of the bean broth or vegetable stock to your soup pot and raise to a high simmer.
Mix in the leek-garlic puree and the fish sauce and simmer for another 5-7 minutes.
Adjust salt and pepper, drizzle olive oil over and serve with crusty bread.


  • For a variation, keep one roasted leek aside, chop it fine and use to garnish the soup.
  • For another creamier variation, puree 1/2 cup of the beans with the roasted leeks and garlic.
  • For a vegan version use veg stock instead of parmesan rinds and tamari instead of fish sauce

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