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Rancho Gordo cooked Cassoulet with tahini

White Bean, Kale, and Tahini Dip

Leftovers are my best friends. I had made white beans and kale the previous night, and there was about a cup left. I added some tahini and lemon juice and...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Garbanzo with pineapple vinegar

Garbanzo, Tomato and Feta Salad

From Julia at Rancho Gordo: I’ve developed a real love for summer-ripe Early Girl tomatoes. To me, they are the perfect salad tomato: meaty, sweet, and juicy, but not so...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Cassoulet with pancetta

Pancetta, Corn, and Bean Soup

Between the farmers markets, my own vegetable garden, and sloppy refrigerator housekeeping, I often end up with too many vegetables. This week it was too much corn. The result was...

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Rancho Gordo cooked wild rice with corn, radishes, cactus, and tomatoes

Buckeye Bean and Wild Rice Salad

This is a flexible salad recipe featuring some of our favorite summer ingredients. Adjust the ingredient amounts based on your preferences and how many people you are serving.  Ingredients: Cooked...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Mayocoba with carrot

Carrot and Mayocoba Soup

  As always, some of the best dishes come from trying to use up leftovers. I’ve been on a carrot kick. I like them. I want to love them, but...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Cassoulet with wild rice

Wild Rice, White Beans, and Tomatoes

As the best tomatoes of summer are winding down, I've been continuing my obsession with macerated heirloom tomatoes. I've been tossing them with fresh mozzarella over pasta and last night...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Runner Beans with Raw Asparagus

Runner Bean and Raw Asparagus Salad

Like almost everyone else, I have been enamored with Joshua McFadden's cookbook, Six Seasons. At first I resisted. Seasonal market cooking. Really? Again? Yes, really. The story is the seasons...

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Rancho Gordo cooked white prepared Homminy

Rancho Gordo White Pozole

There are many versions of pozole but one of my favorites is Pozole Blanco. Unlike other pozoles where chiles are a part of the broth, Blanco is broth, meat and...

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